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Computers and Technology are essential in today’s world. It is essential for security and productivity that our devices function properly

This is where Fixotech stands apart from other companies. We not only offer a full range of IT solutions for your home, but our highly trained staff can do so in the comfort and convenience of your own home. We offer professional, quality service at reasonable rates

Best Practice Home Network Review

Home Network Security Asessment and Fixes

$50/hr after 3 hours

  • Secure Network Equiptment
  • Thorough firewall and network security check-up.

  • Secure Wireless
  • Configure WiFi and guest wireless networks with best practices.

  • Secure PC's
  • Update or install virus/malware scanner, run all Windows Updates.

  • Best Practice Suggestions
  • Based on information gathered, we will recommend any hardware or software improvements.

Schedule Review

  • Certified Technicians
  • Powered by Malwarebytes®
  • Data Is Kept Confidential

PC Cleanup

Get Your Devices Running Better Than New

$50/ Hour After First Hour

  • Junk File Removal
  • Your computer keeps temporary files long after they are needed. Deleting them helps speed up the computer.

  • Anti-Malware Install
  • Keep your computer running virus free with our free antivirus install.

  • Preemtive Repairs
  • Our custom application monitors the status of your computer to detect issues before they happen, without having access to any of your personal data.

Order Cleanup

  • Certified Technicians
  • Data Is Kept Confidential

Software Install & Configuration

Need Help installing software? Contact Us Today!

$50/ Hour After First Hour

  • Install Software
  • Configure Software
  • Troubleshoot Errors

Order Software

  • Certified Technicians
  • Data Is Kept Confidential

Prices are subject to change based on project complexity

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